Aug 08 2011

How to decide between ISO 27001 Cert and ISO 27002 Compliance

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It is one of an important decision for your organization when you have to decide between ISO 27001 certification and ISO 27002 compliance. When continuous compliance with the standards may save you money in short run but ISO 27001(ISMS) certification outweighs benefits in long run. ISO compliance is a commitment for an organization when it has to be audited (internal) on regular basis to show to your vendors and partners. At the same time ISO certification has to be audited by independent external auditors.

Things that may affect your decision:
a) What will be the cost of achieving ISO compliance? Pick a scope and perform a gap analysis based on ISO 27002 to see where the gaps are. Find out the cost of treating the gaps for your organization including the cost of consultant, cost of tool, and cost of project management. These processes may vary from organization to organization.

b) Does ISO certification will benefit the organization because its competitors already have done it? (How much business an organization may lose or perhaps prospective new customers.)

c) Achieving certification may save money, time and efforts in long run by aiding your organization in compliance effort (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NIST, GLBA). (Hey auditor we are already certified in specific controls, How much of the spending can be safe on other audits.)

d) Do enough customers will demand/require the certification in order to do business with them? Not having ISO certification may be a business disabler and organization may lose important customers which will affect company’s bottom line.

Risks of being non-compliant:
• No assurance to customers regarding InfoSec controls
• May lose customers in the long run
• May affect future business

Benefits of certification:
• Business enabler
• Align with the business goals
• Everyone is responsible for InfoSec
• De-facto InfoSec standards
• ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 20000 compatible
• Commonly accepted best practice
• Capable of external certification

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