Aug 23 2010

How a digital copier can be a treasure trove for a identity thief

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How a digital copier can become a treasure trove for an identity thief, because they have a hard drive which permanently store all images which have been digitally printed, scanned, faxed, emailed or copied on that printer. Storing images on the hard drive can be a huge threat to the security of an organization and a serious breach to the privacy law when these printers need maintenance, needed to be returned at end of a lease period or simply retired without erasing the data from the hard drive.

Due diligence of erasing the data before an identity thief gets their paws on it is squarely falls on the shoulder of the organization who owns the digital printer.

Below is the video which optimize the risk of digital copier

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  1. Vince Jannelli says:

    For those folks that are new to this topic, this is a real eye opener. Some of you might be asking so what should I do. A first step is to realize that the best security solution is a layered approach. Simply, no single step or technology will provide 100% assurance. However, a comprehensive, layered approach will go a long way toward mitigating any threat to confidential or protected information and provide ease of mind. This has always been the key to Sharp’s approach…

    To get started, consider some simple security tips:

    o Shred Your Digital Data: As illustrated in this story, residual data on your copiers hard drive can be the easiest way for confidential data to walk out your door. A low-cost Data Security Kit, informally known as a “digital shredder,” can render data unreadable by first encrypting and then overwriting it after every job.

    o Hackers Want In: You computer network gives hackers an easy route into very heart of your firm. To protect yourself, all your network assets must protect against unwanted access. By securing your copiers network interface through MAC address filtering and port management helps you keep unauthorized visitors out.

    o Print Privately: Information theft can result from nothing more complex than simply forgetting that you have copied or printed a confidential document, or getting distracted on the way to pick up a document. Select copiers offer a Confidential Printing feature that requires users to enter a PIN code, similar to an ATM, before printing a document

    o Auditing Raises Awareness: Unauthorized use of equipment can be deterred if users know they’re being monitored. Electronic auditing of copier use allows you to monitor who, when and where an individual is using the copier, and hopefully to identify abuse at an early stage.

    These are just a few of the steps that can be taken, so always ask your vendor about their layered approach. To learn more, visit

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