Feb 07 2021

Experts found critical flaws in Realtek Wi-Fi Module

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Critical flaws in the Realtek RTL8195A Wi-Fi module could have been exploited to gain root access and take over devices’ wireless communications.

Researchers from Israeli IoT security firm Vdoo found six vulnerabilities in the Realtek RTL8195A Wi-Fi module that could have been exploited to gain root access and take control of a device’s wireless communications.

The Realtek RTL8195AM is a highly integrated single-chip with a low-power-consumption mechanism ideal for IoT (Internet of Things) applications in multiple industries. 

The module implements an “Ameba” API to allow developers to communicate with the device via Wi-Fi, HTTP, and MQTT, which is a lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices.

Realtek supplies their own “Ameba” API to be used with the device, which allows any developer to communicate easily via Wi-Fi, HTTP, mDNS, MQTT and more.

“As part of the module’s Wi-Fi functionality, the module supports the WEP, WPA and WPA2 authentication modes.” reads the analysis published by the experts.

“In our security assessment, we have discovered that the WPA2 handshake mechanism is vulnerable to various stack overflow and read out-of-bounds issues.”

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