Feb 09 2015

Cyber Security safeguard offers much more than just protection

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What is most beneficial about cyber security safeguards, Well, you will not only benefit from the better protection of your own information, but you will also gain a competitive advantage by demonstrating your cyber credentials.

English: ISMS activities and their relationshi...

English: ISMS activities and their relationship with Risk Management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For example, certification to ISO 27001 or evidence of compliance with the PCI DSS (for merchants and service providers) is often a tender or contractual requirement because it proves that an organization has been independently audited against internationally recognized security standards.

Those that implement an information security management system (ISMS) will benefit hugely from improved processes and control of data within the organization.

Furthermore, improving and having demonstrable cyber security can also reduce your cyber security insurance. And finally, it will also dramatically reduce the chances of you experiencing a cyber attack. That’s kind of improvement.

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