Information Security Wordle: RFC2196 - Site Se...
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User Security
  • Opening email attachments with integrated email clients

  • Not updating client software

  • Downloading untrusted software

  • Not creating or testing backups

  • Using wireless router connected inside the LAN
  • Strategic Security

  • Not providing training to security personnel

  • Only addressing physical security, neglecting data security

  • Not validating security fixes

  • Relying on firewall for all security needs

  • Not evaluating impact on reputation and data of security breach

  • Not implementing long term security decisions, relying on hot fixes to put out fires

  • Not addressing issues, neglecting security as policy
  • Operational Security

  • Not hardening internet connected host

  • Connecting test systems to the internet

  • Not updating systems on a regular and emergency basis

  • Using unencrypted protocols for management, reporting

  • Choosing bad default user passwords, changing passwords in insecure manner, or notifying users in insecure manners

  • Not testing or maintaining backups, not understanding the intricacies of backup software and procedures