Nov 10 2011

Cloud services breached via Google code search

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Researchers at Stach & Liu, a security consulting firm, have advised organizations against storing critical information on the public cloud until there are better intrusion detection systems available for cloud services, the Dark Reading website reports.

The firm made the recommendation after discovering that access codes and passwords to thousands of public cloud services could be found via a simple Google search. The firm first reported the results of their cloud services security research at the Hacker Halted conference in October in Miami, according to Dark Reading.

“It is not a good idea to put sensitive data out in the cloud right now — at least not until there are intrusion-detection systems that would let users see these types of searches on their cloud services,” Fran Brown, managing director of the firm, told Dark Reading.

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    Security of information and data is very important and it is a main issue for public cloud services.

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    Thanks for an informative comment

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