May 17 2020

CISO Recruitment: What Are the Hot Skills?

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CISO/vCISO Recruitment

What are enterprises seeking in their next CISO – a technologist, a business leader or both? Joyce Brocaglia of Alta Associates shares insights on the key qualities

What kinds of CISOs are being replaced? Brocaglia says that an inability to scale and a tactical rather than strategic orientation toward their role are two reasons companies are looking to replace the leaders of their security teams—or place them underneath a more senior cybersecurity executive. They are looking for professionals with broad leadership skills rather than a “one-trick pony.”

Today’s organizations want the CISO to be intimately involved as a strategic partner in digital transformation initiatives being undertaken. This means that their technical expertise must be broader than just cybersecurity, and they must have an understanding of how technology impacts the business—for the better and for the worse. And candidates must be able to explain the company’s security posture to the board and C-suite in language they understand—and make recommendations that reflect an understanding of strategic risk management.

CISOs who came up through the cybersecurity ranks are sometimes at a disadvantage as the CISO role becomes more prominent—and critical to the business. Professionals in this position will do well to broaden their leadership skills and credentials, sooner rather than later.

Source: CISO Recruitment: What Are the Hot Skills?

Interview with Joyce Brocaglia, CEO, Alta Associates

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