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Pwn20wnd released the unc0ver v 6.0 jailbreaking tool

The popular jailbreaking tool called “unc0ver” now supports iOS 14.3 and earlier releases, and is able to unlock almost every iPhone device. Pwn20wnd, the author of the jailbreaking tool “unc0ver,” has updated their software to support iOS 14.3 and earlier releases. The last release of the jailbreaking tool, unc0ver v6.0.0, now includes the exploit code for […]

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Hackers claim they can now jailbreak Apple’s T2 security chip

Jailbreak involves combining last year’s checkm8 exploit with the Blackbird vulnerability disclosed this August. Source: Hackers claim they can now jailbreak Apple’s T2 security chip | ZDNet How to Disable T2 Security 👉 Download a Virtual CISO (#vCISO) and Security Advisory Fact Sheet & Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet Download a Security Risk Assessment Steps paper! DISC InfoSec […]

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Chinese Hacker Publishes PoC for Remote iOS 12 Jailbreak On iPhone X

Here we have great news for all iPhone Jailbreak lovers and concerning one for the rest of iPhone users. A Chinese cybersecurity researcher has today revealed technical details of critical vulnerabilities in Apple Safari web browser and iOS that could allow a remote attacker to jailbreak and compromise victims’ iPhoneX running iOS 12.1.2 and before […]

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