Mar 01 2021

5 Top Cybersecurity Career Paths & Certifications

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We are living in a world of innovations. Now, imagine innovative technologies with zero security is such a big nightmare. Cybersecurity comes here for the rescue. Cybersecurity is an immense ocean of various fields. Many skillful fishes are living in this ocean with lots of expertise. Cybersecurity is what keeps all organizations sane and safe. For that reason, I will discuss the fields that outgrown currently and the certifications that help in those fields.

Before diving into the ocean of cybersecurity, let us understand why to choose cybersecurity. Imagine being the CEO of a digital children’s toy-making corporate, promising every parent that the information provided about children inside the toys will stay safe. And the organization faces a cyber-attack that leaks all information about the children. That is the big downfall of the organization’s reputation.

Cybersecurity promises to secure the organization system’s from cyberattacks yet to keep user information safe. Cybersecurity professionals put all their efforts to create a secure and protect the environment, not only for organizations as well for all the users connected to the network/internet.

The world is becoming digital day-by-day, the growth in cybersecurity is not coming slow. The rates of cybercrime are also increasing yet bringing many opportunities for jobs in cybersecurity.

According to New York Times,3.5 million cybersecurity jobs are available this year. United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) contemplate that in the next ten years, cybersecurity jobs will increase 30% compared to other computing jobs.

Job performance is another category where cybersecurity staff performs well. The (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Report in 2019 showed that 71% of cybersecurity professionals in the United States are happy with their employment.

Now, the question that arises is where to give a kick start in cybersecurity.

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