May 25 2012

10 essential books for IT Professionals

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Below are 10 latest publications from IT Governance:

  1)      30 Key Questions that Unlock Management
by Brian Sutton and Robina Chatham


  2)      The Concise PRINCE2
by Colin Bentley


  3)      50 Top IT Project Management Challenges
by Premanand Doraiswamy and Premi Shiv


  4)      Everything you wanted to know about Business Continuity
by Tony Drewitt


  5)      Everything you wanted to know about Agile
by Jamie Lynn Cooke


  6)      Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks
by Jared Carstensen, Bernard Golden and JP Morgenthal


  7)      The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, Changes and Problems
by Daniel McLean


  8)      Managing Business Transformation: A Practical Guide
by Melanie Franklin


  9)      Running IT like a Business: Accenture’s Step-by-Step Guide
by Robert E. Kress


  10)  21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare (Pre-order)
by Lieutenant Colonel Hagestad


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