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When can we become certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013?

by Lewis Morgan @ ITG

At this moment in time, we can only provide an estimate which is based on the insight provided by Chair of the UK ISO/IEC 27001 User Group and Director of consultancy at IT Governance Ltd, Steve Watkins. Considering Steve’s position, we believe his estimates to be the best guidelines an organization can follow.

The following is directly taken from the ISO27001:2013 Transition Webinar by Steve Watkins

“It’s likely that as of 1st January 2014, certification bodies will be able to start the transition to the 2013 version of ISO27001 standard. If that is indeed the case, it’s likely to be that as of 30th September, no new ISO27001:2005 certificates can be issued. This means that by the end of September 2016 all ISO27001:2005 certificates should have transitioned to the 2013 version of the standard”

The image below further illustrates what Steve discussed on the webinar, including his suggestions in terms of what organizations should do next.

ISO27k timeline