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Gift card fraud: four suspects hit with money laundering charges

You might be forgiven for thinking that cybercrime is almost all about ransomware and cryptocoins these days. In a ransomware attack, the crooks typically blackmail you to send them cryptocurrency in return for giving you your stolen data back (or for not selling it on to someone else). In a cryptocoin attack, the crooks typically […]

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Treasury Sanctions SUEX Exchange for Laundering Ransoms

The Biden administration fired another shot in its battle against ransomware Tuesday as the U.S. Treasury Department took steps to disrupt the financial infrastructure behind ransoms, designating for sanctions the SUEX OTC, S.R.O. virtual currency exchange for laundering ransom payments. By designating SUEX, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is blocking the exchange’s property […]

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Cisco Security Report Says Unemployed Are Targeted By Money Mules

By Samuel Rubenfeld Add another burden to being unemployed: Those seeking work are increasingly targeted by money mules for laundering operations. The “Cisco 2010 Annual Security Report,” (pdf) released Thursday, says that alongside ongoing threats from phishing attempts, viruses, trojans and more, the unemployed–or the underemployed–may become unsuspecting conduits for money laundering. This can happen […]

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