Nov 10 2022

CrowdStrike Achieves 99% Detection Coverage in First-Ever MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations for Security Service Providers

Category: Attack Matrix,Information SecurityDISC @ 3:20 pm
  • CrowdStrike achieved 99% detection coverage by conclusively reporting 75 of the 76 adversary techniques during the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation.
  • Leveraging the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform with integrated threat intelligence and patented tooling, the CrowdStrike Falcon® Complete and CrowdStrike® Falcon OverWatch™ managed threat hunting teams identified the adversary and associated tradecraft within minutes.
  • Closed-book evaluations such as this provide the most realistic reflection of how a security vendor would perform in a customer environment. CrowdStrike’s combination of market-leading technology and elite human expertise led the evaluation, which is the gold standard in managed detection and response testing.  
  • MITRE does not rank or rate participants; the following is CrowdStrike’s analysis of the results provided by MITRE Engenuity.

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