Jun 29 2021

4 Warning Signs of an Insecure App

Category: App SecurityDISC @ 10:05 am

The “golden age of digital transformation” is upon us, and companies around the globe are scurrying to meet consumers on the digital frontier. For developers, it is a virtual gold rush, as businesses overhaul their infrastructure to meet consumers where they are—their mobile phones. For most, this means developing a mobile app.

Unfortunately, the byproduct of the scramble to build a mobile app is that essential features are often overlooked or omitted entirely. There are many things that can be missed when creating an app (like network tolerance and accessibility)–but confoundingly, the feature that’s most often forgotten is the most important: app security.

Data use and privacy are top-of-mind for users. It is vital that software developers don’t cut corners when it comes to securing a mobile app. A secure app should pass the coffee table test: Would I be comfortable going to the bathroom and leaving my phone on a public coffee table?

It’s no secret that app security is a hot topic, but what are the actual warning signs of an insecure app?

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