Aug 18 2020

Privacy eLearning – Staff InfoSec & Compliance Awareness

Privacy eLearning & Staff Awareness

  • Access staff awareness e-learning programs and train staff on best practice processes
  • Ensure staff can spot and respond to cybersecurity and privacy risks
  • Comply with data protection and information security legislation and standards
  • Test learner knowledge to prove compliance for auditing purposes
  • Train staff under one, manageable contract with these cost-effective annual licenses
  • Developed by industry experts our programs are updated every three months to ensure the content remains relevant
  • Gain access to any new content ITG release throughout your year-long contract
  • Customize the courses by adding links to company documents, policies, and procedures
  • Fast deployment with instant access to all of the courses
  • Reinforce awareness with monthly security updates, which include the latest news and tips

1) Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite
Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite

2) GDPR Challenge E-learning Game
This short and punchy ten-minute game will test your employees’ knowledge on real-life GDPR-relevant scenarios across different industries.

3) GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning Course
GDPR Staff Awareness eLearning Course

4) GDPR: Email Misuse Staff Awareness E-Learning Course
GDPR: Email Misuse Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

5) Information Security & ISO 27001 Staff Awareness E-Learning Course
ITG eLearning Course: Information Security & ISO27001 Staff Awareness

6) PCI DSS Staff Awareness E-Learning Course
PCI DSS Online Staff Awareness eLearning Course

7) Information Security Staff Awareness E-Learning Course
Information Security | eLearning Course

8) Phishing Staff Awareness E-Learning Course
Phishing Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

9) Data Protection Awareness Posters
Data Protection Awareness Posters

10) Phishing Awareness Posters
Phishing Awareness Posters

11) The ISMS Card Game
The ISMS Card Game

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