Dec 26 2022

Cybersecurity Awareness Training in Companies: Why You Can’t Do Without It

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Cybersecurity awareness is no longer a “nice to have”; in fact, it has become a fundamental part of your corporate training process across all levels and aspects of your business.

Would you leave your business unlocked and open to all comers? Of course not – but if you don’t have solid cybersecurity in place, that’s effectively what you’re doing! As the business world becomes a digital space, security has also become a digital matter.

One cybercriminal can wreak havoc if unchecked, and our potential flashpoints for vulnerabilities are growing daily. Nor is this something you can achieve alone – a great IT security team is one thing, but if one of your other workers leaves the metaphorical door unlocked, you’ll still be in trouble. 

With top-down training boosted with the power of video, however, security can become a simple matter. 

A Growing Risk

The average cost-per-company of a data breach is over $4 million. Cybercrime currently costs companies globally $8.4 trillion a year- and that is expected to soar to $23 trillion (or more) by 2027. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to mitigate your risk and keep your company out of those stats. 

Humans are and will remain, the weakest link in any business’s digital security. Just as a thoughtless individual can leave a door unlocked and bypass your multi-million dollar security system in a heartbeat, one wrong move from an employee and even the best cybersecurity comes tumbling down.

It’s critical that all people in your organization are aware of cybersecurity risks, know the best practices for data and network security, and understand the consequences of laziness leading to cybersecurity failures. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

It’s a simple idea – using a technical approach to proactively educate employees, ensuring awareness of data privacy, identity, and digital assets permeates every level of your organization. This will immensely reduce your risk of cybersecurity breaches. In turn, that means fewer financial losses from this type of crime, making it a solid return on investment.

And being cybersecurity-aware will have knock-on positives in your reputation with consumers, making you seem more trustworthy and desirable. Prevention of security issues means no loss of brand reputation, too. 

The Learning Gap

Of course, your training is only as good as its retention rate. Cybersecurity training for employees can’t be some dull, dusty lecture or 500-page word document that’s unengaging, boring, and packed with jargon, or you may as well not waste your time. It’s critical that staff feel both empowered with their new skills, and that it comes over as simple to understand and easy to implement.

We all know that video is one of the most powerful storytelling formats out there. From the power of video shorts and reels for marketing to the way a great TV program can unite us, it’s a format that delivers punchy messages in an engaging way. 

Unlike text, where aspects like reading level can play a role, everyone can engage with video. Plus you have the benefit of being able to condense a lot of information into short, pithy, and easy-to-retain factoids. You can power that up further with the power of AI, making videos simple to create, engaging, and easy to update and adapt without a huge financial outlay.

Using a simple text-to-speech format, you can create compelling, entertaining, and educational content that will help keep every member of your organization aware of cybersecurity risks and qualified to prevent them from occurring.

Cybersecurity awareness is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s an absolutely essential part of your corporate training process, across all levels and aspects of your business. With the power of simple-to-use AI video on your side, creating engaging learning programs to keep staff informed and ahead of cyber criminals is a simple matter, so don’t delay in addressing this critical aspect of business security today.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training in Companies: Why You Can’t Do Without It

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