Feb 19 2022

Google Privacy Sandbox promises to protect user privacy online

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Google announced Privacy Sandbox on Android to limit user data sharing and prevent the use of cross-app identifiers. The company states that the Privacy Sandbox technologies are still in development.

“Privacy Sandbox on Android will strengthen privacy, while providing tools app developers need to support and grow their businesses. It will introduce new solutions that operate without cross-app identifiers – including Advertising ID – and limit data sharing with third parties.” reads the announcement.

Google is also committed tp fighting and reducing covert data collection.

The goals of the Privacy Sandbox are:

  • Build new technology to keep your information private
  • Enable publishers and developers to keep online content free
  • Collaborate with the industry to build new internet privacy standards

Google will continue to support existing ads platform features for at least two years. The IT giant is inviting developers to review the proposed solution and provide their feedback through the Android developer portal.

“Starting today, developers can review our initial design proposals and share feedback on the Android developer site. We plan to release developer previews over the course of the year, with a beta release by the end of the year. We’ll provide regular updates on designs and timelines, and you can also sign up to receive updates.” concludes the announcement. “We know this initiative needs input from across the industry in order to succeed. We’ve already heard from many partners about their interest in working together to improve ads privacy on Android, and invite more organizations to participate.”

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