We’ve recently witnessed large companies that were hit with major data breaches and cybersecurity incidents point the finger of blame at the lowest hanging fruit – their employees. While it’s understood that employees have a certain level of accountability when it comes to their role in the organization’s broader security strategy, it’s up to company leadership to arm them with the resources and knowledge to effectively thwart cyber threats.

With 90% of security incidents stemming from human error, a culture strong in security awareness is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a top priority and an absolute must across all organizations, regardless of their size or industry. Businesses who change risky employee behavior methodically and effectively through personalized, timely, and relevant learning will see an improvement to their overall security posture and a reduction in the number of security incidents.

Personalization is key

Cyber threats today have become increasingly sophisticated and more personalized. Therefore, it stands to reason that the training and coaching offered to employees needs to meet the same level of personalization in order to effectively combat these threats and change risky habits and behaviors over time.

Transformational Security Awareness