By 2027, the global online casino market is predicted to be worth $127.3 billion, growing at a CAGR of 11.5%. The increase in market size is largely due to the growing popularity of not just smartphones and mobile gaming, but also of social platforms that are transforming online games.

Already, providers like Tapinator are developing more social casino experiences for mobile phone users. And in the next few years, Gala Casino predicts that mobile gaming is set to overtake desktop casino experiences. This is thanks to people being more on-the-go and the technology in the mobile space improving consistently.

But the question is, with the overwhelming gaming options available, how can you stay safe while playing online casino games?

Look for reputable online casinos

There are countless casino apps available on the Internet, but before you start downloading a random app, be sure to do your research. Check if the casino is licensed through gambling registers, which can easily be found online. Although licensing bodies vary from state to state, most of the time, brick-and-mortar casinos offer online counterparts, and these apps are also heavily regulated to ensure fairness and safety for players.

Here is a quick tip: Usually, when casino apps only ask for just a username and password, odds are they are not legitimately safe. Trusted online casinos will ask for a way to verify your identity, like a copy of your ID or a recent utility bill.

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