The ransomware economy is booming. Ransomware gangs are so successful that if cybercriminals were companies, some would be considered “unicorns.” Organized crime syndicates have taken over this highly lucrative extortion racket and are now running the ransomware economy at an industrial scale. The U.S. is reportedly hit by seven ransomware attacks every hour, with ransomware demands expected to hit $20 billion this year and $265 billion in ten years.

Top Infection Vectors of a Ransomware Attack

Cybercriminals need a delivery system that drops the ransomware payload on the target machine. Once this malware infiltrates your network, it takes over and can perform several damaging actions such as file encryption, credential hijacking, data exfiltration and even deletion or corruption of your backups. Recognizing and fortifying defenses against such infection vectors is key for a proactive ransomware defense. Cybercriminals continue to evolve their vectors in line to changes in internet and technology however, here are the top four infection vectors:

How to Mitigate the Top 4 Ransomware Vectors

Ransomware Protection Playbook