Jan 23 2021

Hacker blunder leaves stolen passwords exposed via Google search

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Source: Hacker blunder leaves stolen passwords exposed via Google search

Hackers hitting thousands of organizations worldwide in a massive phishing campaign forgot to protect their loot and let Google the stolen passwords for public searches.

The phishing campaign has been running for more than half a year and uses dozens of domains that host the phishing pages. It received constant updates to make the fraudulent Microsoft Office 365 login requests look more realistic.

Creds in plain sight

Despite relying on simple techniques, the campaign has been successful in bypassing email protection filters and collected at least 1,000 login credentials for corporate Office 365 accounts.

Researchers at cybersecurity companies Check Point and Otorio analyzing this campaign discovered that the hackers exposed the stolen credentials to the public internet.

In a report published today, they explain that the attackers exfiltrated the information to domains they had registered specifically for the task. Their mistake was that they put the data in a publicly visible file that Google indexed.

As a result, Google could show results for queries of a stolen email address or password, as seen in the screenshot above:

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