Feb 24 2021

6 free cybersecurity tools CISOs need to know about

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6 free cybersecurity tools for 2021

1: Infection Monkey

Infection Monkey is an open source Breach and Attack Simulation tool that lets you test the resilience of private and public cloud environments to post-breach attacks and lateral movement, using a range of RCE exploiters.

Infection Monkey was created by Israeli cybersecurity firm Guardicore to test its own segmentation offering. Developer Mike Salvatore told told The Stack: “Infection Monkey was inspired by Netflix’s Chaos Monkey.

“Chaos Monkey randomly disables production instances to incentivize engineers to design services with reliability and resilience in mind. We felt that the same principles that guided Netflix to create a tool to improve fault tolerance could be applied to network security. Infection Monkey can be run continuously so that security-related shortcomings in a network’s architecture can be quickly identified and remediated.”

The company recently added a Zero Trust assessment, as well as reports based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Source: 6 free cybersecurity tools CISOs need to know about

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