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4 bad things happening every minute on the Internet

4 bad things happening every minute on the Internet  by Alan Calder   Risk IQ’s Evil Internet Minute infographic tells you the bad things happening every minute on the Internet: 5 successful ransomware attacks 9 phishing attacks 1,274 new malware variants 5,518 records compromised Any data you look at shows that the scale of ‘Internet evil’ increases every year. The […]

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GDPR essentials and how to achieve compliance

The GDPR will replace these with a pan-European regulatory framework effective from 25 May 2018.  The GDPR applies to all EU organizations – whether commercial business or public authority – that collect, store or process the personal data (PII) of EU individuals. Organizations based outside the EU that monitor or offer goods and services to […]

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Data flow mapping under the EU GDPR

As part of an EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance project, organisations will need to map their data and information flows in order to assess their privacy risks. This is also an essential first step for completing a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), which is mandatory for certain types of processing. The key elements of […]

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