Cyber Security Toolkit

The threat from cyber space is real and growing.
To strengthen cyber security in your organization, there are several frameworks you can adopt:

• ISO/IEC 27001
• ISO/IEC 27032
• PAS 555
• the BIS Ten Steps to Cyber Security
• the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Control Matrix

These standards and guidance offer, between them, a comprehensive cyber security umbrella for your organization.

This is the only toolkit to consolidate the advice from the five leading approaches to managing cyber risk into a single, robust framework, and is made up of:

  • ISO27001 Documentation Toolkit – which will enable you to achieve external certification.
  • Independently developed Cyber Security Documentation – offering the guidance you need to put in place effective processes to achieve cyber resilience.
  • Documentation drawing on PAS 555, BIS Ten Steps, Cloud Controls Matrix and ISO27032 – extending the controls contained in ISO27001, and enhances the benefits of implementing an ISO27001 ISMS.
  • Cyber Security Framework Matrix – efficiently mapping the five separate approaches to a single comprehensive, robust, framework.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Toolkit – these templates will enable your organization to benefit from improved productivity, reduced capital expenditure and a better work life balance for employees.

The Cyber Security Governance & Risk Management Toolkit consolidates the advice from these five leading approaches to managing cyber risk into a single, robust framework.

This toolkit helps you make an enormous leap forward by consolidating five
separate approaches into a single, comprehensive, robust framework.

Cyber Security Toolkit

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Cyber Security Governance & Risk Management Toolkit